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About Joinery Stockists

Joinery Stockists Ltd has been trading now for 37 years and during that time we have gained an enormous breadth of experience and contacts within the joinery trade. We now deal more specifically in the specialised door market, and work with major manufacturers
such as Jeld-Wen UK, Premdor, Magnet, McTavish Ramsay and Vicaima.

Although still a general joinery merchant, during recent years the company can now offer from our large stocks a complete range of internal and external, imperial and metric size, standard doors together with the facility to produce non-standard doors to almost any specification required.

We can also offer a spray priming service on doors, windows and frames in white oil base, acrylic white or aluminium oil base paints as well as a range of base coat and decorative stains. Hardwood doors can be supplied letterplated, stained and glazed with either Vandalite or 6mm Autumn Leaf glass. Paintgrade and veneered doors are also available with glazing.

Priced quotations can be provided against Bills of Quantities, Drawings, Door Schedules, telephone and fax enquiries.

Credit Accounts
Thirty day credit accounts are available where approved by our Credit Insurance Company.

Our own vehicles deliver to the major part of England and Wales and local delivery is free of charge.

Local Authority Specification Service

We stock a range of Ply Flush internal doors with 75mm Top and Bottom Softwood Rails and 29mm Finished Softwood Stiles.

These are designed for easy on-site reduction in size to suit non-standard size door openings commonly found in older Local Authority-owned housing and buildings.

We also stock Primed Hardboard Lipped Doors in all the commonly used sizes.

Please use our conact page if you are particularly interested in this service.